Welcome to our BLOG!!!

By Ken G - January 30, 2023
Welcome to our BLOG!!!

This is monumental! Well, at least for us 🥳 I have read so many amazing blog posts and hoped to one day start our very own blog, and today is that day! This one is dedicated to the healing properties and potential benefits of 6 main elements: Food, Art, Music, Inspiration, Love and Yoga.

This is us 😊 Ken G & Bridgette Marie ❤️ We are going to be sharing some of our adventures with you in the hopes that the information and experiences we have gained along our journeys might be of some benefit to you. It is our vision to co-create a Non-Profit Healing Sanctuary & Learning Center based around the 6 elements I mentioned earlier, which form the acronym FAMILY, and until we establish a physical location we will be utilizing our website as a place to gather and share. We are very much looking forward to working together towards the health & wellness of this planet, including everyone and everything upon it. Thank you for being here with us! It’s going to be an awesome adventure 🙌

First, let’s begin with a bit of a breakdown of these 6 elements that we will be exploring together…



The picture above is of a small market that we recently found on our travels through Ireland and it really seems to capture the meaning of the words at the top of the photo “Siopa an Bia Maith”, which translates to “Shop the Good Food” and seems like really solid advice. Sometimes it’s tough to find the good stuff out there though, especially when the advertisements for food can be so deceiving and the general information we are given from “scientific studies” can also be a bit challenging to work our way through and figure out what is really GOOD for us. We have found that a whole food vegan diet to be the very best for us at this time, as it resonates deeply in our hearts as being the kindest and healthiest way to find the nourishment we need for our Soul, Body & Mind. We are constantly experimenting in the kitchen and will be sharing some delicious Vegan Recipes and some of the Good Food that we come across on our travels. We will also be sharing some tips for growing your own food as that can be one of the greatest ways to really experience food from the ground up…literally. Just getting your hands in the dirt can be such a wonderful experience and can help to ground us and put us closer in touch with our beautiful Earth and the natural processes and cycles that it goes through, not to mention the benefit of having fresh produce to harvest, prepare and share!


The expression of one’s soul through the medium of creation, which is discovered in many different forms and can be an amazing way to work through our emotions. Art as therapy can help us to connect deeper to the core of who we really are and to have fun while doing it! 

KOT & BOL stands for “Keepers of Truth & Bridges of Love” and it is our mission to open a nonprofit Healing Sanctuary & Learning Center based around these 6 main elements: Food, Art, Music, Inspiration, Love and Yoga. You are invited to follow along with us and interact on our co-creative adventures as we travel and explore this beautiful world in ways that are local, organic, vegan & eco-friendly (L.O.V.E.)   

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By Ken G - January 30, 2023